Sorry I’m late

Hey Boss, I’m running late today.

I know I was late yesterday… and the day before… but I promise I’m trying to make a change for the better.  I’m going to be like Karen.  Yup.  Even better than her, in fact.  Remember Monday?  When I got to the office before the rest of the team, including Karen?  That’s some kind of record, I’ll tell you what.  That Karen… she’d better step up her game.

Speaking of Monday, I was thinking… since I came in so early and had all that extra time to be productive, maybe that could cancel out my tardiness today?  And while we’re at it, I’d also like to point out that I’ve stayed at least half an hour late every night this week.  Not even Karen has been doing that.  She sneaked out of the office a quarter to five yesterday, but it’s not like I’m keeping tabs or anything.

Yes, of course I know it was unacceptable that I delayed the Tuesday morning meeting, but can we be pragmatic and admit that 9 o’clock meetings are idealistic at best?  Besides, when I arrived, Tom was still getting his notes together and Suzanne was busy making copies.  I think I really did the rest of the team a favor by being late, since they were clearly unprepared.

Anyway, I would have been on time this morning except I missed my train.  It pulled away the second I got through the turnstile.  Horrible luck.  You know, in London, the trains come so frequently that even if you miss your train, another one shows up within a couple of minutes.  Not here.  Eleven minutes I waited.  We’re America, for God’s sake.  We’re revolutionary.  We should be more advanced than this.

And you know what else?  They have more stations in London.  If we had more stations, I wouldn’t have to walk over half a mile in crummy shoes just to get on the subway, and I definitely wouldn’t have missed my train today.  The boots I’m wearing- you know, the cognac suede ones with the fringe sides- look amazing with my new chino pants- J. Crew has a great sale going on, by the way- but… what was I saying?  Oh yeah, they’re horribly uncomfortable.  Like giant acupuncture needles are being stuck into the soles of my feet kind of uncomfortable.

I actually had originally left the house in flats, which would have been the more sensible choice, but upon going outdoors I realized it was quite brisk and my outfit left my ankles bare.  I probably should have checked the weather before going all the way down the five flights of stairs from my apartment, ha!

When I realized I’d have to go back up to change into boots, I figured I might as well grab a scarf, too.  Otherwise, I may have developed pneumonia and you’d rather me be a little late than out sick for five days with pneumonia, right?  Five days, at least, it would be.  My aunt got it and was hospitalized for like two or three weeks.

Anyway, I feel much better now with the scarf and boots, but I can only walk so fast because of the blisters.  I’m practically limping now and people are staring, but I didn’t realize this would be such a setback until after I had already stopped at my usual café for coffee along the way. Gosh, and for a place that sells caffeine, the baristas were moving like slugs this morning.  Don’t they realize their customers have places to be?  The nerve of some people.

So, with the freezing weather, the terrible shoes, and the slow café, it was all a recipe for disaster and I missed my train.  For the amount of people who commute via public transit, New York should really take a cue from London and have more frequent trains coming through.  Maybe I’ll write local lawmakers a letter tonight.  I’ll tell them about London.

Yes, I totally agree that I should factor in more time in the morning for problems, but I actually did wake up pretty early.  It just took me a little longer than usual to get ready because my roommate left the window open last night and our apartment was SO cold.  Again, didn’t want to get pneumonia, so I got back in bed for a little bit while our space heater warmed up the place.

I actually spent that time back in bed very productively, though.  I started thinking about my “to do” list and planning out my day, and they say doing that makes people 20 times more productive or something.  Karen told me that.

Oh, and look at that!  I’m turning- limping, really- onto our block now and it’s only fifteen past nine.  Not bad at all.  And is that- is that Karen?  I’m pretty sure that’s Karen ahead of me!

I guess it was just a rough morning for everyone.  No harm, no foul, right?  I’ll be sure to get in early tomorrow.

Well, maybe not tomorrow.  My roommate is having a party tonight that will probably keep me up late.  I asked her not to, but you know… roommates.  Next Monday, though, I’ll be there early.  Monday, for sure.