About This Blog

I am a twenty-something with about twenty-something different dreams.

I live in a major city,  I am almost a full year out of college, and I am almost a full year into my career.  I have a job, a good job in fact.  I work in Corporate America, with my own roomy cube, a big client, a Keurig, and everything.  I have the opportunity to grow in my field and never worry about health insurance.  I have steady paychecks that allow me to feel safe and secure.  I am at the preamble of my story attaining the American Dream.

Yet, I’m not sure I’m happy.  I’m not sure I’m doing what I’m “meant” to be doing, what I was born onto this planet to do.  I’m not even sure I can pinpoint what I’m “meant” to do, because I want to do just about everything.  I want to do everything, but I’m not certain that I’m exceptionally good at anything.  And I wonder what it will take to figure it all out.

Enter: The Quarter Life Crisis.


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